Sunday, March 15, 2015

London Part IV: The London Eye, Holland Park and Non-Waterfowl

As the true tourist that I am, I made sure to make time for a trip on the London Eye. There's not too much about the experience that needs too much explaining, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves!
After the London Eye I had planned to head back to Notting Hill to explore some more of the side streets, but there was some sort of problem with the Underground so I ended up just walking in the direction of Notting Hill and happening upon Holland Park in the Kensington area. The park was so beautiful and well kept that I honestly felt that maybe I wasn't supposed to be there, or was supposed to have paid for entry. It's known for being a very affluent area, but wow! This park was gorgeous.
And then I happened upon a peacock!! Not a waterfowl, but still a fowl nonetheless. I was completely flabbergasted to see this guy just walking around, as was the kid in the background who ran up screaming "Mr. Peacock, Mr. Peacock!!" I had no idea that peacocks just wandered around in residential areas like that.


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