Friday, October 23, 2015

To the Coast

This past weekend a friend invited me to take a little day trip to the Oregon coast, and since I'd never been of course I said yes. We stopped along a few beach towns throughout the day, taking a quick little walk around each of them. It was a great, classic, rainy Oregon day that involved hot clam chowder, salt water taffy, and sea lions (seeing them, not eating them.) This is the life, isn't it?


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Coffee Date: Commissary

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm quite the coffeeaddict (although I'm slowly transitioning out of using that email address anymore, being that I'm 21 years old and have gotten to the point that reading it aloud to strangers has gotten a bit embarrassing) and, regardless of the time of day, am almost always down to grab a hot cuppa somewhere.

Not only do I love coffee but I love the ritual of going to new spots around the city, exploring the different atmospheres and clientele of each shop. So I thought I'd start a little series called "Coffee Date" where I just share my excursions to different cool coffee shops around Portland.

A friend and I made a little trip to Commissary a few Sundays ago to get some work done and have a change of scenery from being home or at the library. Commissary is a pretty new spot that opened up on 21st in NW Portland, a cool area that's far enough from 23rd to be pretty quiet and chill, even on the weekends. The building was previously a movie distribution center which is pretty cool; it's named after the place that actors in Hollywood would typically meet up for food in between shooting scenes. 

The atmosphere in here is so lovely and clean; the space itself has a very industrial feel to it, but the vintage decor and natural light coming from the huge windows really brightens it up. As it is October, I had to go for a fall spice latte (my first of the season), and it was really tasty: smooth without being too sweet. We've now pegged this place as a favorite study spot so I'm sure we'll be back soon.

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