Friday, May 20, 2016


Every time I come back here, I find it so hard to put into words exactly what it is I want to say. Taking pictures is the easy part; writing is so much trickier. Sometimes I have to laugh a little bit at how much effort I put into my blog posts when I think about the measly number of page views it gets (the majority of them from my parents and most of the others inexplicably from Russia), but I also think keeping up with this blog is such a good exercise for me. So I guess we'll just see what direction this blog takes! Either it will keep getting better and better, or it will get shittier and shittier until I surrender to the fact that I am not good at this. Your guess is as good as mine!

I did indeed graduate college two weeks ago; they didn't yank the diploma away from me and yell "PSYCH!" and laugh maniacally when I went to reach for it, as I irrationally feared. Then again, I haven't actually received my real diploma in the mail yet--so maybe I'm speaking too soon. 
My parents and I spent the rest of the weekend wandering around Portland, eating way too much food and enjoying the fact that our schedules were wide open for two whole days. It's always nice when people come to visit because that means I have an excuse to explore the city as if I'm a visitor too. I especially loved being able to bring my parents outside of downtown, which, truth be told, is really not the best part of Portland. We ventured into some of my favorites areas in Northeast and Southeast and they got to see what it really is about Portland that I have fallen so deeply in love with.
Of course, we had to make one final pit stop before heading to Arizona, and that was to see the Lewis and Clark campus one more time--not that I won't be going back all the time just to walk around and enjoy its beauty. But it was nice and sentimental to walk around as an alumnus for the first time. The blooming flowers and lush landscape at this time of year is reason enough to make the trip.

And here's where my life as a student ends, at least for now. Into the big, scary world of adulthood and finding "what I want to do with my life"....

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