Monday, March 23, 2015


After a week of busy and crowded fun in London, we felt pretty ready to take a few days to relax in a quieter setting, which is how we found ourselves in the beach town of Brighton before heading to Belfast. Of course it would have been lovely to have experienced a beach town during more of a beach season, but the weather didn't keep me from hanging out on the rocky beach for a little bit! (Read: about 15 minutes before I couldn't handle the wind anymore and left to find solace and warmth in a coffee shop).
We stayed in a cute little hostel that was situated right across from the Royal Pavilion, which included a small green park where people were taking advantage of the off and on rays of sunshine. 

It was mostly two days of not doing much at all besides wandering around, reading, eating and drinking coffee--which was exactly what I needed! We found some of the best donuts I've had at a little kiosk on the pier (second only to the ones at the weekend market in Galway) and we spent an afternoon in the movie theater (again, escaping the cold) where we saw Big Hero 6. Now, I'm always a huge sucker for animated movies, but this one was especially good! I absolutely loved it and will be seeing it again sometime soon.

I'd love to come back to Brighton in the nicer months to really get the full experience; the beach, the fair food and the amusement rides were all pretty tempting, but not quite tempting enough to face the wind for extended periods of time. I'm sure they'll get me next time!


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