Saturday, March 7, 2015

London Part I: Shall we get the most touristy things out of the way?

"So, let's get the most touristy things out of the way first" was basically our mantra for our first couple of days in London. We stayed at a hostel on King's Cross road, so a pretty great central location for getting back and forth from all the touristy spots. Of course we had to start at Buckingham palace, where we luckily ended up just as they were about to the the changing of the guard...and then where we quite unluckily got sick of waiting around and left about 2 minutes before they started. Oops.
Waterfowl seemed to be one of the main highlights of our time in London...or maybe just the main subject in the majority of our photos.
 And of course, there's Westiminster Abbey and Big Ben. Gotta get a few shots of those as well.
 We spent a fair amount of time just walking along the Thames.
 The London Eye! (Pictures of the actual London Eye experience coming soon).
London proved the perfect place to satisfy two of the biggest cravings that living in Munich has left completely unsatisfied: thai food and bubble tea. We ate thai food twice, indian once, and had bubble tea thrice. I regret nothing.
 The underground symbol is just so iconic, isn't it?

We stopped rather quickly into the National Portrait Gallery. It was perfectly nice, but I have to say that going to the Pinakotheken in Munich has kind of spoiled us on the art front! Regardless, it's always fun to mosey around museums and pretend like you know something about art (which I promise, I really don't).


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