Saturday, March 14, 2015

London Part III: Notting Hill, Haircuts, and More Waterfowl

Notting Hill, the movie, was always a staple post-dinner movie in my household. We watched it, well, a lot. So of course I was pretty excited to check it out for myself. Elizabeth and I actually made appointments to get our hair done at Taylor Taylor salon on Portobello Road (the main drag in Notting Hill), so that was a good excuse to explore the rest of the neighborhood a little bit. Unfortunately, without a map or cell service, I did not successfully locate the famous The Blue Door from the movie....oh well. Next time!!
Before our appointments we stopped in at Gail's bakery and cafe, where I had this delicious open-face egg sandwich and a chai latte. Mmmm. Unfortunately I ended up running out of time and having to ungracefully scarf it down before running off to the hair appointment.
This is Lawrence. He was just hanging out in the salon and just begging for a photo, don't you think?

And after! I got some ombre done, along with every other girl in the world and her mother. But I really like how it turned out.
After our appointment we found our way to Hyde Park just in time for the sunset.
Swans!! They're as scary to be around as they are beautiful. We kept our distance once they started quacking at us and flapping their wings.


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