Tuesday, March 10, 2015

London Part II: The Tate Modern

We stopped into the Tate Modern museum our first full day in London. It seems a little silly or perhaps even slightly plagiarist to make a whole post about the art we saw there, but I just thought I'd share some of the things I enjoyed most. Anything I took pictures of where things that I simply enjoyed looking at!
We of course had to peek into one of the (several) bookstores inside the Tate. I've found that shops in modern art museums are always the most fun to walk around in. I was pretty tempted by some punny tote bags and gorgeous books (picture books for adults, as I like to think of them), but managed to escape without buying anything.
We made it up to the sixth floor in hopes of getting a coffee and snack at the cafe with this amazing view, but it was absolutely packed. I settled for taking a creepy picture of these lovely people enjoying their lovely meals before slipping back into the elevator.
We all know that feeling. And I think this word will now start showing up in my day to day vocabulary.
And of course, there's always a man on the street playing a flaming tuba....wait, what?


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