Saturday, June 13, 2015

Zurich Part I

It was so nice to be able to take a weekend trip to Zurich, Switzerland for a few days while my parents were visiting. We spent most of our short time there just exploring the city and trying to survive the sweltering heat! The weather really was lovely but I think our Scandinavian genetics just don't quite know how to deal with high temperatures properly.
We stayed in a beautiful, airy condominium located in a really cool part of town that we found through AirBnB, something I've become obsessed with since being in Europe. In my opinion its the most comfortable way to travel if your budget allows you to look outside of hostels. I feel like I see more of the city from a unique perspective when I stay somewhere a little off of the beaten-by-tourists path. 

Our condo had a great view of the river on the front side, and a lovely little balcony looking out onto some other condos with their beautiful rooftop gardens and terraces on the backside. Being able to wake up and go sit out on the balcony and drink my first few cups of coffee for the day was honestly one of the highlights of our stay there. It sets such a good tone for the rest of your day!
We spent a good amount of time walking through the Old Town, which was well worth it. Wandering through the windy cobblestone streets along the river felt like the epitome of the European "dolce vita." It was so peaceful and beautiful and felt like a scene right out of a movie.
Stay tuned for Zurich Part II!


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