Friday, June 12, 2015

Schloss Nymphenburg

I reached the big number 21 this past week, and was so excited to have my parents be able to come visit me for my birthday week! We spent most of the week in Zurich, Switzerland but for their short time in Munich, I thought we'd check out Schloss Nymphenburg. Our program went to Nymphenburg at the beginning of our academic year here, but I didn't bring my camera and I knew I would be back in the summer months to revisit the grounds and get a few good pictures. We were really lucky and got some beautiful weather in between the bouts of rainy, gloomy days that Munich has been having recently, so we spent a few hours exploring the grounds and checking out some of the Baroque architecture.
The Badenburg house, one of the several smaller houses within the Nymphenburg grounds, was very obviously influenced by oriental art. I fell in love with some of the wall paintings.
The Pagodenburg.
The Amalienburg, the hunting cabin, is my personal favorite. Something about all those shades of blue, the dreamy wall paintings....I just love it all.


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  1. Fabulous photos, Audra! You have the eye of an artist! Really, really, these are amazing!


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