Friday, February 6, 2015

Italy Adventures: Palermo Day 1

On Wednesday my friend Elizabeth and I set off on our 2 month long European adventure. We have a break from our classes in Munich until mid April and I always knew that I would try to squeeze in as much travel as possible. Plan #1: Greece for 2 weeks, then to London, Dublin, Glasgow and Edinburgh. But then we figured that we didn't want to waste a trip to Greece on the cold and rainy months where we wouldn't be able to enjoy the beach and the sun. So scratch Plan #1. Then we came up with plan #2: let's spend about 2 weeks exploring Palermo, Naples and Rome in Italy, then head over to Valencia and Seville in Spain, and make one last stop in Lisbon, Portugal before flying to London. But then we thought, maybe it would make more sense to check out a few more cities in Italy to get the full experience instead of jumping to a new country every week. So scratch Plan #2. Now we're onto Plan #3: Palermo, Naples, Rome, Florence, maybe a weekend in Verona and then to Venice before taking a plane or train back to Munich to regroup for 2/3 days before heading to the U.K. Plan #3 is obviously very subject to change; let's see how long it sticks.
Our first day in Palermo was admittedly not the most thrilling; we spent the majority of it wandering around what we later learned to be the newer and more developed part of the city. We started out the day with a caffeine and sugar filled breakfast. I had an Americano and a creme-filled Krapfen that was actually significantly better than any Krapfen I've ever had in Germany.
The rest of the day consisted of mostly the exploration of a few parks and wandering pretty aimlessly around the city. We closed the evening with a few cocktails consumed on not enough food (free appetizers and late night churros) and the promise of a slightly more organized and hopefully less rainy day tomorrow. 

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