Sunday, February 8, 2015

Italy Adventures: from Palermo to Naples

Yesterday was pretty much consumed by travel, as we endeavored to get from Palermo to Naples, a process which involved two trains, a ferry and some underground transportation! We left our hostel in Palermo at about 7:30 and found our way to the train station with only a few minutes to spare before our train left. Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of the gorgeous landscape and ocean during our ride (pesky dirty train windows), but got a few good ones during the 30-40 minute ferry ride.

We got a little slice of sunny, beautiful weather as we floated across the Straight of Messina and the breeze felt pretty good after lugging our backpacks around all morning. As mentioned in my last post, we did spoil ourselves with  some leftover cannoli for breakfast, which made the travel day a little more bearable.

Our view of Messina as we headed towards Villo San Giovanni.

Once we got to Naples we took the Metro to our hostel, showered and freshened up a little and then headed out to the Spanish district of the city to find some food and drink. We ended up in another traditional Trattoria that turned out to be charaterized as much by the ridiculous quasi-performances (jokes, dancing, and a very sexual peeling of a banana) as by the tasty food, which once again came in three courses. And once again, we practically rolled out of there to head back to the hostel for the night, where we ran into another group of American students studying abroad and spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the hostel's small bar to have a few drinks and gather around a guitar to sing some songs.

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  1. So enjoying your posts. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!


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