Tuesday, December 23, 2014

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

There's really nothing like coming home for the holidays after being away at school or, say, in a foreign country for a few months. I absolutely love my home, every nook and cranny just feels so warm and inviting. Our house during the Christmas season is especially warm with the Christmas tree (complete with presents from Santa), a huge fireplace and other decorative goodies.
We also like keep pictures around of ourselves as kids sitting on Santa's lap, so that we can always be reminded of how adorable we are.
Lacy missed me. She didn't necessarily say it in so many words, but this look on her face says it all.
REAL FOOD!! Fish and greens!! Sorry Deutschland, but your food just can't charm me the way my parents' food can. My dad makes the best salmon, with a honey glaze...mmmm.
(photo props to my dad for this "artsy shot").

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