Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January Playlist

It's time for another playlist of the month! January here in Portland has been an interesting mix of dreary, dreamy and downright terrifying between the many snowstorms and temperatures lingering dangerously around freezing point. Last week we got 10" inches of snow, which at first was very exciting and idyllic, until it all got trod on enough in below-32-degree weather that it turned into inches of ice covering all of the roads and sidewalks. It's all fun and games until you can't walk to the grocery store without slipping on a patch of ice and falling on your ass. But with my many (too many) days off, I've taken the opportunity to walk to nearby coffee shops, hunkering down with lattes, a good book, my journal, and--of course--a good playlist to keep myself sane in the midst of my cabin fever.

I've definitely been favoring some moody songs lately to accompany the moody weather. Again, this playlist features a strange variety of songs, but I spent some time carefully arranging them in an order that flows nicely. For this reason, I recommend avoiding the shuffle button unless you want some serious genre whiplash.

Hope the weather wherever you are is treating you well and that you're enjoying the first month of this new year!

Happy listening!


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