Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mini gift-haul

I kept this post to myself until after the holidays so I didn't ruin the surprise for anyone, but these a few of the things I picked up for different family members' Christmas presents while I was in Germany.
I saw these notebooks whilst browsing in Hugendubel and I just couldn't resist getting them for my parents and sister.
 For my wonderful Grandma, a coffee cup and, of course, a pickle ornament--a tradition which my Grandma told me about, but apparently no M√ľncheners have ever actually heard about.
For my artsy sister, a book from the Neue Pinakothek (the museum that we have spent the past month or two in for our Kunstgeschichte course) about Alfonso Mucha's art during the Art Noveau era, 2 coasters featuring paintings in the Neue Pinakothek, and this HUGE, fluffy, warm scarf from Zara. If she doesn't like it as a scarf, it's seriously so large that she could use it as a shawl, or a blanket....or a car cover. Whatever suits her fancy.

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